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ELSYS AG Kontakt

Callcenter help

Callcenter Helpline ist 24 Stunden am Tag und 7 Tage pro Woche. Operator Service Hilfe- Anzahl

(CHF 1.-/Min.)

This is an inquiry and call forwarding service to the customer service of various domestic and international companies. 
This is not a direct number for accessing a particular company’s customer service and we are not in any way connected with this. 
The cost of the service is 1 francs per minute, while staying online you will be able to access the service and start charging.

ELSYS AG Kontakt

+41 564 96 01 55

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Name der FirmaELSYS AG
AdresseMellingerstrasse 12 5443 Niederrohrdorf
Telefonnummer+41 564 96 01 55
Zusätzliche Telefonnummer+41 564 96 01 55
Faxnummer+41 564 96 01 61
Web URLhttp://www.elsys.ch